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Benefit from self-funded health plans

  • By Pathak Insurance
  • May 6, 2019
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Three ways to benefit from Partially Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

Reduce Cost – Great savings for healthy companies

Partially Self-Funded employers pay for healthcare claims their members consume, a low stop-loss insurance premium for catastrophic claim coverage, and an administrative fee to a third party. Healthy companies with younger demographics are more likely to low claim volume with favorable stop-loss premium. When employees have few claims and few expensive illnesses, the self-funded employer realizes an immediate positive impact on overall health care costs.

Use Flexible Plan Design – Create plans per your member’s need

Fully insured plans pay a premium tax on 100% of their healthcare costs as all costs are bundled in insurance premium. Partially Self-Funded employers only pay a small percentage of their total costs in the form of Stop-Loss insurance premiums, which results in savings.

Reduce Premium Tax

Employers have the flexibility to design medical and prescription plans as per their requirements, limited by ERISA requirements and ACA guidelines.

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