Pathak Insurance offers effective and hassle-free life insurance policy options, tailor-made for your financial well-being, and the safety of your loved ones. Call us for customized comprehensive life insurance solutions that you can depend on.

Term Insurance

A term insurance policy is designed to guarantee payment of a stated death benefit to a predefined beneficiary if the covered person dies within the specified period. A term life insurance policy will also provide coverage for a specific period, 10, 20, or 30 years being the most common term duration. It is also a cost-effective way of taking care of routine-left-behind expenses. Term insurance enables you to buy a large degree of security cover at reasonable costs. With additional waivers and alternatives, term insurance shoulders the risk with minimum costs and maximum facilities. It is to be kept in mind that a term insurance coverage is deemed void if the covered person does not die within the term insured.

Types of term life insurance policies include:

Annual Renewable Term: This is a good option if you are a younger person because it starts with a low annual premium. However, the premium does increase as you age.

Level Premium Term: The premium is generally more expensive, but is guaranteed to stay the same for the entire length of your coverage.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance, unlike the term insurance, offers death benefits and cash value in return of the premiums you pay, from the time you buy the policy till you pass away. The death benefit is the money paid to your beneficiaries on your death. The essential feature of permanent life insurance is the cash value component which is a kind of savings that you can access while you are still alive. If for any reason, you cancel this life insurance, you become eligible to get the accrued cash value. The premium for permanent life insurance is generally costlier than for term life, but it usually does not increase as you age. Under certain circumstances, you can even borrow money tax-free from your permanent life policy. Determining which policy suits best with your lifestyle and life goals is a vital task, best performed with the assistance of an experienced insurance agent. Another advantage of retaining permanent life insurance is that the investment earnings are completely tax-free and no taxes on the death benefit are to be paid by the beneficiaries when it is eventually paid out.

Decide from four types of permanent life insurances:

Whole Life:
With a fixed premium, this type of permanent life insurance is considered to be more stable and promises a guaranteed growth of cash value through the investment period.

Index Universal Life:
This policy under the permanent life insurance umbrella offers flexible premium payment options by allowing you to adjust your premium as long as you meet the predetermined minimum and maximum amounts. It is also easier to adjust the death benefit in this case, depending on the coverage that you want.

Variable Life:
The variable life, permanent life insurance can be explored if you wish to extend your investment options to stocks, bonds and mutual funds while enjoying the benefits of regular permanent life insurance. We highly recommend this alternative for someone who wishes to manage regular investments.

Variable Universal:
As this policy combines the benefits of universal life with variable life in a single policy, the variable universal insurance offers enhanced investment features of variable life with the flexibility of universal life insurance.

How is owning a reliable life insurance policy beneficial?

When was the last time life unfolded exactly the way you had dreamed it would? Just never. The trajectory of life’s highs and lows may not always follow your plans and the best you can do is to be prepared for these uncertainties well in advance. A life insurance policy shields financial safety for you and your loved ones. While advertisements and a bombardment of marketing attempts by insurance companies may have trivialized life insurance into a commodity, it certainly is not. Cutting corners or choosing a policy that attracts you only because of low premium rates may do more harm than good. An experienced insurance agent can help you make a careful purchase decision and from the flood of offers floating in the market, make a choice that will lead you to safety. With a carefully selected and customized life insurance policy, you can secure your family’s life while you live, and even after that.

Looking for a life insurance agency you can depend on?

At Pathak Insurance, we address life’s future necessities through simple, to-the-point insurance plans. We think about each of your important life demands beforehand, be it your children’s future, job transition, or unexpected illness, and put forth a set of solutions to suit a variety of situations. Most of the terms and complexities involved in such insurance guidelines make it difficult to understand which one is best suited for you. Use our experience and insight to tactfully select the right coverage that provides the right financial support in times of need and peace of mind for life. Call us today at 703-249-4998 for a no-obligation quote or to compare plans from our directory of top-rated insurance companies.

Get access to policies from the best life insurance providers

You can choose from an array of combinations for your life insurance based on your plans. There is Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Index Universal Life Insurance, Survivorship Insurance, and a combination of these that can be tailor-made as per your life. This insurance protects and impacts YOUR life, which makes it all the more indispensable that it is envisioned in sync with YOUR life and plans.



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