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Dental insurance works like medical insurance plans. It generally includes all the components of a normal health plan like deductible, copay, waiting period, in-network, out-of-network, etc. A typical deductible might be $25 to $100 per person annually. After that, the plan will provide benefits that vary depending on the type of care received. Preventive care is often covered in full or nearly in full. More extensive care require some co-pay from the patient.

Dental HMOs require the insured to select a primary care dentist from the in-network dentist, and all care must be coordinated through that dentist. HMO plans discourage out-of-network care and often provides no or very coverage.

Dental PPOs offers flexibility to choose any dentist. The plan offers full coverage for in-network doctors and partial benefits for out-of-network doctors. Dental PPO plans typically have a deductible and an annual benefit maximum, and cover a percentage of each dental procedure based on whether it’s classified as preventive (cleanings, x-rays), basic (extractions, fillings, root canals), or major (dentures, crowns, implants).

Dental Indemnity Plans allows insured to see any provider without network restrictions. Dental indemnity plans pay a pre-determined percentage of the “usual and customary” charges for a given dental procedure. Dentists are not required to limit their fees based on a network contract as these plans fall outside of the network boundary. Which means insured may pay more if a dentist charges more than the “usual and customary”.

Dental discount plans

As the name suggests, dental discount plans offer 10 to 60 percent discount for dental work. These plans DON’T pay any dental expenses for you. Which means, there are no deductibles, no waiting periods and no annual maximums, etc. Typical discounts range from 10 to 60 percent for normal dental work. Plans cost as little as $100 annually for individuals and $150 for families. The reason for the low cost is the elimination of an enormous amount of insurance paperwork to manage a dental insurance plan. If you’re considering a discount dental plan, contact some of the dentists on the network and discuss actual charges with them to determine how much you’ll save by using the plan.

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