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How is owning a reliable auto insurance or car insurance policy beneficial?

Whether you are an individual or a company, getting your automobile protected against future uncertainties and the resulting financial stress, is the smartest, and in most cases, a necessary step. A good auto insurance plan can cover major costs rising because of various reasons. With over 100 auto and car insurance companies at your disposal, making a long-term choice that suits your requirements and budgets will need well-calculated, experienced decision-making.

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Our auto insurance experts ease your insurance buying process at every step. It starts at getting a clear understanding of your usage routine and priorities and concludes at the convenient processing of your claims, whenever needed. Our expert advisors are just one phone call away, or near perhaps. You can call us, request a quote by email, or visit us at our office today for a free, no-obligation risk assessment and quote.

What are the two main types of car insurance?

Individual Auto Coverage

Individual car insurance covers vehicles you own or lease, individually. The individual coverage pays for bodily injuries, property damage, and more in case your insured vehicle is involved in an accident. It can also pay for car repair when damaged by theft, weather, or vandalism.

Commercial Auto Coverage

Commercial auto insurance covers vehicles your business owns. For any business that requires the use of vehicles, whether it is a single company car, a fleet of trucks, or anything in between, a business auto insurance is essential. And not just any insurance, it should be a package that fits the specific needs of your business operations and the best price. Certain business uses and vehicle types are excluded from personal policies, but we can guide you to find the ones that will give you the right coverage.

Customize your auto insurance with the right mix of protection coverage.

Different levels of protection are made available to you depending on which policy you choose. At Pathak Insurance, we help you strike the right combination of maximum benefits covered and the lowest possible premium.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for medical expenses and lost wages for other drivers, passengers and pedestrians injured and in some cases, funeral expenses for the deceased.

Property Damage

An example of property damage is if a driver rams into an electric pole and damages the pole. If at fault, the driver has to pay for the damage caused by his or her car to another car or any other property. The higher your coverage limit, the lesser is the financial burden on the occasion of an at-fault accident.

Medical Payments

Payment of the medical bills for bodily injuries you sustained in a car or road accident. Road accidents and the resulting injuries may incur a cost that runs into thousands of dollars, including the medical bill payments arising as a result of their non – inclusion in regular health care plans. Medical payment coverage covers all justifiable medical expenses and funeral expenses of the driver and the passenger, regardless of fault.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI)

In regular car insurance, the driver at fault pays for the damages. With this coverage, the insurance company pays you in case the driver at fault does not have or does not have sufficient insurance coverage to reimburse for the losses caused.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD)

In the absence of an UMPD or collision coverage, the only option that remains if someone causes damage to your car would be to sue the driver. Unless you want to get trapped in that hassle, it is advisable to get the UMPD for accidents where the at-fault driver has no or not enough insurance claim to reimburse for the damage caused to your car. Since it comes at a lower premium than collision insurance but fails to pay for repairs if you are at fault, the best way to take advantage of this coverage is by adding it to your regular car insurance policy.

Transportation Expenses

Your commercial vehicle could be holding the responsibility of transferring employees and products to their destinations. Without this, your business may not be able to function. With a transportation expense coverage, you can cover for additional expenses that are incurred as a result of transportation costs, like for car rentals or bus fares, when a collision or comprehensive loss damages your vehicle.

Towing & Labor

A towing & labor coverage, when secured as an add-on to your regular commercial insurance package will help you pay for costs associated with towing and labor expenses in case of a tire change or servicing, jump starts, lockout assistance, or fuel delivery to get your vehicle back in order. Synced with the need of your business, we’ll outline insurance packages that offer you help with 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance at the most affordable rates.


The collision coverage pays for damage incurred to your vehicle in the event of a car accident or collision with another object, for example, a pole or a tree. Costs incurred for repairing damages rising in such circumstances are paid by the insurance company when you include this coverage in your regular car insurance plan. This also covers the damage even if your car is completely wrecked.


If your car is damaged for reasons other than collision, a comprehensive coverage option can be added to your car insurance plan for covering the losses. Theft or damage to your car by a falling object, or a natural disaster or riots and vandalism, are some of the situations where this coverage comes to the rescue. Especially if you are financing or leasing a car, a comprehensive coverage added to your main policy is highly advised.

Loss of Income

Not just your car, but in case of a car accident, there is every possibility that you’ll also suffer losses to your business as you may not be able to attend to your business and daily transactions because of injuries, minor or life-threatening. The resulting lack of a regular income can cause a huge blow to the financial well-being of you and your loved ones. Securing yourself against these risks with a loss of income coverage with your usual business auto insurance package is always a wise decision. It is highly recommended for small and mid-sized businesses.

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Every state, except New Hampshire and Virginia, requires you to hold commercial auto insurance. Also, personal auto insurance will not cover vehicles of business use, which makes this policy essential for businesses that rely on non-owned vehicles.

Commercial auto insurance is required to protect a business owned vehicle or a car. Vehicles used but not owned by the business, such as leased trucks or employee vehicles, are not covered under commercial auto insurance coverage. You can insure such vehicles under hired and non-owned auto insurance.

Car insurance will typically provide coverage for damage or theft to your car. It will also compensate you for bodily injury or property damage cased to others. A well-chosen car insurance policy also covers the medical expenses which include the cost of hospitalization or funeral expenses and lost wages.

Usually, if your vehicle is paid for, or is nearing the end of its life and if paying for minor accident damage does not concern you, you can do away with this coverage. However, it is best to talk to your insurance agent to know what suits your requirements the best.

Having a good driving record is the key to lowering your insurance premium. With the help of seasoned insurance advisors, you can also land additional discounts when you choose the right car insurance policy.

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