Affordable Employee Benefits for small and mid-sized businesses

What we offer

We quote, compare, install, and administer all employee benefit insurances. Being in insurance business for 10 plus years, we’ve experience of building various employee benefit packages that include medical, dental, vision, short and long term disability, term life, and AD&D insurances.

Our clients are in VA, MD, NJ, PA, NY, TX, and NC. We work with all major insurance carriers like United Healthcare, Aetna, BCBS, Humana, Kaiser Permenante, National General, Starmark, and many more.

Our Value

We follow structured quoting process to source insurance coverage options for our client. Our core focus is to perform cost-coverage evaluation, and incorporate employee needs in benefit package. We work with companies with 2 employees to 250 plus employees.

Being independent agency means we represent you and not insurance carrier. We promote an extensive yet economical blend of group medical policies, which serve your financial model in every way.

We offer following services

Benefit Review

We will review your current employee benefit package and suggest enhancements and changes to increase its value at no cost.

Benefit Administration

We take complete ownership of your benefit administration, starting from plan onboarding to ongoing eligibility updates and reporting.

Cloud based HR Software

We offer cloud based HR and Benefit Administration software to simplify and automate your end-to-end process.

Compliance Assistance

Our compliance specialists sit down with your HR staff, legal counsel, and tax advisors to simplify complications, if any.

Plan Types

All group medical benefit plans fall into two broad categories: level-funded (fully insured) or self-funded (self insured). There is a third hybrid option, it is called partially self-funded which means self-insured plan backed by stop-loss insurance. Each plan category carries its own set of administrative rules and legal constraints.

Fully insured plans are simple. Employer is only responsible for premium and insurance carrier bears the risk of financial loss. If employees of group (company) have high medical claims, including some expensive treatments then insurance carrier is responsible for covering the cost. Conversely, if the claims are low than insurance carrier reap the benefits.

Employers with self-funded plans are responsible for paying their employees’ health care themselves, either from a trust or directly from corporate funds.

Employers with partially self-funded plans hedge the risk of paying their employees’ health care to a fixed amount and use stop-loss insurance to cover the excess payment.

Affordable and Efficient Group Health plans

We will do to the necessary research to find comprehensive group health plan for your company. Pathak insurance is an independent insurance agency . We represent United Healthcare, CareFirst, Starmark, National General, Aetna, Kaiser, and many more. Give us a call at 703-249-4998.